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Supporting your local community

There are many ways you can support your local community. You may volunteer to give someone a lift to your local church, drive a patient in your own car to an outpatient clinic at hospital, help out at the summer fete, give a talk to a local group or put on an amateur drama production. There’re a number of scenarios you can consider, such as:

  • Volunteer driving
  • Helping out at a fete
  • Putting on a talk
  • Amateur dramatics
  • Soup kitchen
Think about points you need to check out. You can record these in Your notes.

Think about the causes of the hazards and the consequences, as well as the control measures you’ll need and who’ll be responsible for introducing them. Use Your risk map to record this information.

This section is under development on the routefinder. Could you contribute a case study for one of the above signposts or propose a new one? If so please contact Sheeraz Talib.

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