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Welcome to the Risk Assessment Routefinder

The Risk Assessment Routefinder is a toolkit designed to help small and medium-sized businesses manage their business risks. It can help businesses in order to identify the hazards they face, manage their risks by introducing appropriate control measures whilst maintaining their sustainability, profitability and resilience.

Why use the Routefinder?

Every business have to do some sort of risk assessments – it’s the law, and it makes good business sense too. This free and simple guide from IOSH, Europe's premier body for health and safety professionals, will guide you through the process and check how well you’re managing your business risks.

This toolkit will help you:

  • identify the hazards your business faces and the changes you need to make to deal with them
  • manage your risks better and improve your chance of running a successful business
  • have a clearer idea on how to use your resources efficiently to control risks
  • improve the safety culture in your business and create a record of the risk assessment decisions you’ve made

Get directions on how to use the routefinder.

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